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Terms of Use

Terms of Use:

Welcome to the Terms of Use of Toggar. The Terms of Use basically describe the terms and conditions that are applicable to members access and usage of the website. Such document is a legal binding agreement between Toggar and its members. The Terms of Use seek to protect and promote members rights. Members are not complying with the Terms of Use will be subjected to the legal actions from Toggar.

If, as a result of any breach of any of such Terms of Use, Toggar will sue or will ask you to pay money as a compensation to someone, as well as you will agree to reimburse Toggar for any harmful things that cause suffer to people. This means that you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless to Toggar and all of its agents from all liabilities incurred in connection with any claim arising from any breach by you of these Terms of Use, including reasonable legal fees and costs.

Please read the Terms of Use very carefully prior trading on Toggar.

By registering on Toggar, you agree with the following Terms of Use;

Application and Acceptance of the Terms

To use Toggar services you should be subjected to the terms and conditions contained in such document as well as the most recent Privacy Policy. By registering on Toggar or using its services, this is an inclusive agreement from your part that you accept and comply to the Terms of Use. Please do not register if you do not accept all of the Terms of Use.

You may not register to Toggar and may not accept the Terms if: (a) You do not have a legally registered business, (b) You are not the owner of a registered business, or (c) You are not officially authorized to handle contracts on behalf of a registered business.

You acknowledge and agree that Toggar may amend the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended Terms of Use or Privacy Policy on its web pages. By continuing to use the service, you agree that the amended Terms will apply to you.



You agree to use the information on Toggar solely for your internal trading purposes. You agree that it is prohibited to copy, download, sell, re-publish and reproduce any products or information available on Toggar.

You agree not to conduct any action to undermine Toggar computer systems. Furthermore, you agree neither to undermine the integrity of any members nor to gain an unauthorized access to their computer systems.

You agree not to intervene in an unethical manner in the feedback system of Toggar, which includes leaving a positive feedback for oneself by either using a false member ID or via Third Parties. Knowing that, Leaving an unsubstantiated negative feedback for other users is considered as an unethical prohibited action as well.

Toggar may provide hyperlinks to Third Party websites, however, Toggar will not be held as responsible for the contents of such websites. Therefore, you are always advised to read the Terms of the Third Party websites.

By posting any information about a product on Toggar, you automatically grant Toggar all the rights and the authority to display, transmit, publish and distribute the product in any form, media or technology in any manner and for any purpose. Deleting or deactivating information about a product will automatically deprive Toggar from any rights or authorities on this information.



You must register as a member on Toggar in order to access and use any of its services. Furthermore, Toggar reserves the right, without any prior notice, to restrict access or use certain services for paying users or will subject them to other conditions that Toggar may impose in our discretion.

Toggar may launch, change, upgrade, impose conditions to, suspend, or stop any service, without any prior notice, except in case of a fee-based service, such changes will not substantially adversely affect the paying users and deprive them from enjoying that service.

Services may vary for different regions and countries. No warranty or representation is given that a particular service or feature or function thereof or the same type and extent of the Service or features and functions thereof, will be available for users. Toggar may, in our sole discretion limit, deny or create different level of access to and use of any services with respect to different Users.

No services may be provided by affiliates on behalf of Toggar.


Member Registration

Without registering on Toggar, hence becoming a member, no services can be used.

Under any conditions, businesses and companies are not allowed to do more than, maximum, a single registration, i.e. there is one and only one member account per business (company). Under the condition that Toggar discovers that a business is concurrently registered with more than a single account, its registration will immediately be terminated without any prior notice.

Upon registration, Toggar creates a member ID as well as a password chosen by the user during registration. An account may have a web-based email account with limited storage space for each Toggar member to send or receive emails.

Toggar provides 3 types of memberships; Free Trial, Silver Membership, Gold Membership. Each membership has different authorities and account options.

Toggar Credentials, i.e. member Id and password, is unique to a single account. Each Member shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his credentials and for all activities that occur under his account. Members are not advised to share or disclose their credential information to any non-trustworthy person.

All activities that occur under a member’s account are deemed to have been authorized by the member, i.e. posting company or product information, accepting agreements or rules, subscribing to or making any payment for any services, sending emails using the email account or sending SMS.

Each member should know that sharing his credentials with other persons or allowing multiple users outside of the registered business; may cause harm to Toggar or to other members of the web portal. Members shall indemnify Toggar, its affiliates, directors, employees, agents and representatives, against any loss or damages ocurred and/or caused as a result of the multiple use of your account. Any loss or damages arising from multiple users of your account is solely your responsibility, Toggar shall not be liable for any harm arising from such a breach.