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coffee bean roasted in italy special price for export

Item Code: # 1813 Condition: New (In original box )
Food & Beverage Coffee Beans
443 Last Visit : 27-04-2017

€6 /Kilogram

And 'the area to affect the taste of coffee: the same quality, grown in two different regions of the world, develops different aromatic notes.


A bouquet of different flavors: chocolate, flowers, licorice, citrus, honey, hazelnut, toasted bread, almond and caramel ...


A blending industrial obscure natural fragrances avvilendo the authentic pleasure of coffee. For this MOAMY continues to believe in the value of craftsmanship, in the care of the product at every stage: from the careful selection of the finest Arabicas and Strong, the careful choice in the composition of its mixtures, slow roasting that enhances the flavors, cooling and packaging which maintain intact all the smells of freshly roasted coffee. Because not all coffees are alike, because quality is our mission, because after all ... a good cup of coffee in his small ... can change a day!



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