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Simens Motor Simen AC Motor

Item Code: # 2086 Condition:
General Industrial Equipment Motors
618 Last Visit : 28-04-2017

€18 /Piece

Electrical motors brand we can provide: Kawasaki motor, Mabuchi motor, Omron motor, Brook motor, GE motor, Pittman motor, ShinMyung motor, Western motor, Johnson motor, Schneider motor, SEW motor, Hitachi motor, Emotron motor, YASKAWA motor, Simens motor, Sanyo motor, MAXSINE motor, Panasonic motor, Emerson motor, MIGE motor and so on.

Simens motors we supply:
Simens 1FW4405-1HF47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4407-1HF47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4451-1HF47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4453-1HF47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4455-1HF47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4401-3HA47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4403-3HA47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4405-3HA47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4407-3HA47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4451-3HA47890-1AA0
Simens 1FW4453-3HA47890-1AA0
Simens 1GG6164-0JF406-7MV5
Simens 1GG6164-0JF406-7NV5  
Simens 1GG6164-0JG406-6VV5  
Simens 1GG6164-0JG406-6WV5
Simens 1GG6164-0JG406-7MV5
Simens 1GG6164-0JG406-7NV5  
Simens 1GG6164-0JH406-6VV5  
Simens 1GG6164-0JH406-6WV5
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JC406-7MV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JC406-7NV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JD406-6VV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JD406-6WV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JD406-7MV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JD406-7NV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JE406-6VV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JE406-6WV5  
Simens 1GGGHHS6166-0JF406-6VV5  

Should you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.                          

Tel: +86-28-65856704
Fax: +86-28-86129221
Contact Person: Aly Yu
Mobile/WhatsApp:  +86-18228086082
skype: aly.yu51

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