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Mimaki CJV30 Series Printer Cutter (Best Selling) - Model CJV30-60, CJV30-100, CJV30-130, CJV30-

Item Code: # 3258 Condition: New (In original box )
Printing & Publishing Printing Machinery
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$3282 /Piece

Product Code: MIM-PR-001
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Price: $3,282.00

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The CJV30 series printer cutters are unique solution to the problem of making consecutive contour cuts by integrating the award winning JV33 and CG-FXII series continuous crop mark detection ability. The system is widely used for decals, vehicles, seals & labels, POP displays and T-shirt decorations. CJV30 series is an integrated print and cut device that will automatically contour cut without any steps in between. This delivers a seamless workflow which utilizing our vast experience and expertise in print & cut. One integrated device fits in a small office space with the benefit of an affordable price. Customers who have limitations in their office space and budget now have a choice to use Mimaki’s sophisticated print & cut technology for contour cutting. The compact design of the 60cm (24”) CJV30-60 is especially suitable for retailers to make sales promotional displays.

CJV30 series offers the state-of-the-art technology of the Auto Media Clamp function, Continuous Crop Mark Detection, UISS (uninterrupted ink supply system), which provides unattended long-time continuous print and cut without an operator. The results are much higher productivity than other conventional integrated print & cut solutions. The Auto Media Clamp function varies clamp conditions for printing and cutting for various media and can be set independently and automatically switched. Printing requires a multi-point clamp to securely hold the media in place, when cutting - this requires a two-point clamp (and wider media needs 3 points). Three levels of clamp pressure are selectable according to each media type. This automatic function eliminates operator guess work and allows for long unattended print and cut on suitable conditions without additional operator actions.

Continuous crop mark detection can deliver higher productivity even when lamination is needed. When the media is re-set for lamination after printing, an optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks and precise contour cutting can be made aligning each image automatically.

With UISS, the machine can utilize two cartridges per color in 4-color mode for continuous printing. When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge begins supplying ink and helps prevent the running out of ink. Ink cartridges can also be changed during printing.

CJV series uses fast drying SS21 solvent ink, which enables it to make contour cutting soon after printing and prevents ink from coming off during cutting. In addition, the “White ink overlay print function” using high density white ink offers simultaneous white and full color printing and creates vivid full color images onto opaque substrates. This expands the range of applications in print & cut. Almost odorless ES3 Eco solvent ink is also available for users in restricted ventilation areas.

The CJV series excels against the competition by using state-of the art technologies developed for the award-winning JV33 series such as the high resolution (of up to) 1440 dpi, variable dot technology for high quality prints, as well as a higher print speed of up to 188 sq. feet/ hr (17.5 sq. meters/ hr) in 4-color 540 x 720 dpi print mode.

To achieve the highest quality print & cut and the fastest throughput using the above new technologies, Mimaki’s unique RIP software Raster LinkPro4 SG and cutting software plug-in for CorelDraw and Illustrator, FineCut are bundled. Simple Studio, another included application software, can easily create print & cut data to make stickers and labels.

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